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WE ARE THE PHYSICS are a mutant science punk rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They made that genre up in an effort to disguise derivative new wave post-punk as something more exciting.

Formed in 2005 as WE ARE THE PHYSICS CLUB AND THEREFORE EVERYTHING WE SAY IS FACT, the wobbly-legged quartet have sourced from bands such as Polysics, Ex Models, Devo, The Skids, Servotron, Brainiac and Buddy Holly.

Known for their eccentric and frenetic stage shows, their nerd rock b-movie aesthetic has taken them around the world several times, sharing tours and Irn Bru with Polysics, Art Brut, Franz Ferdinand, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Johnny Foreigner and 30 Seconds To Mars, as well as playing major roles at UK and European festivals, including the NME/Radio 1 Stage at T In The Park.

Having released their debut album, cheekily entitled 'WE ARE THE PHYSICS ARE OK AT MUSIC' on London label This Is Fake DIY in 2008, the bespectacled space punks have been working on a new album in Glasgow with Gang Of Four's Thomas McNeice, due for release this year.

Possibly the only band in the history of bands to consist of three Michaels and a Chris, the Physics recently took their brand of spaz-rock to Russia and Finland (where they played Gwen Stefani songs at a death metal festival) and released their debut album in Japan on indie label Magnetic Records. The debut LP was released with extra tracks, selling so well the band toured there in 2009 to packed venues of teens in 3-D glasses.

They claim their new album is being developed as a self-replicating virus that will delete all other mp3s on your computer. They also confirmed this to be a lie.

"They could be the most perfect new band ever" - NME

"An unholy chaos of screeches and bleeps, clangs and shouts" - The Independent

"As mental and high pitched as Sparks collaborating with The Cramps" - Channel 4 Music

"The most enjoyable and wholly fascinating live band you could see inside a sweaty, enclosed room right now" - Drowned In Sound

"Sure to be the psychotronic movie soundtrack for any trash palace party this year" - Disorder Magazine

"Angular riffage, machine gun drumming and yelped vocals that draws on the best bits of The Futureheads, McLusky and The Hives and discards the chaff" - Maps Magazine

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